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We no longer live in an analog world. Digital transformation is an integral part of our daily lives, even if we don’t call it by that name. We listen to digital music. We bank online. We file our taxes online. We subscribe to the digital editions of our newspapers. Digitalization...Read more
Learn about ERP in the Cloud from 60s Folksingers Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins
The only clouds that existed in the 1960s were the physical ones in the sky: cumulus, cirrus, stratus… So when Judy Collins first recorded “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell in 1967, she could not have known what the cloud would mean in the 21 st century. And yet, the...Read more
Make this your mantra: Change is good. No, we’re not talking about change for the sake of change. Yes, we are talking about a change that yields tangible, measurable benefits. The kind of change that streamlines your financial and operational tasks into efficient business processes that result in giving you...Read more
Ready, Get Set, Go! Tidestone Solutions Launches Microsoft Dynamics 365 Practice
Launch is an interesting word. Rockets are launched. So are debates. Arrows, boats, companies, books, fund drives, and computer programs – they are all launched. There’s an implied sense of adventure, excitement, and new beginnings when something is launched. And so it is with Tidestone Solutions , launching a...Read more
Experience is where the rubber meets the road. And when it comes to implementing business management software like Microsoft Dynamics GP, the more experience the better. Without experience, software implementations become nothing more than trial and error experiments. That’s why choosing a team with 20+ years of experience implementing Microsoft...Read more