Automating inventory control will allow your business
    to be more efficient in tracking and managing orders
    and getting them out the door quicker.

Having real-time insight into your inventory is critical to running an efficient operation.

Having real-time inventory data that is integrated with your ERP solution will allow you to plan orders based on available materials, fulfill your sales orders, and forecast future sales accordingly. Manual inventory tracking takes a long time, and takes away your team's valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. Manual data entry can also result in duplicate data entries and errors that could compromise your data and cause probelms throughout your distribution channels.

Microsoft Dynamics GP will allow you to:

  • Make informed descisions
  • Maximize operational efficiency
  • Streamline your business processes
  • Track inventory items across multiple locations
  • Integrate seamlessly with your other modules


If you do not currently have an integrated, real-time system that gives you insight into your inventory data, chances are your customer service is suffering, you’re doing duplicate data entry, and you’re spending more time and money on getting product out the door than you should be.

  • I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how pleased I have been with the upgrade. Tidestone installed the test company and we were able to log in and test the transactions. This as usual was a great way to make sure that when we went live we would know what to expect. Denise has been awesome in troubleshooting the few issues that we have had. The response time has been amazing. If I could only get other companies to have the great customer service level...

    Melinda Johnson, IT Administrator/Data Analyst
  • Physical inventory used to take 8 people three days to perform, but now it took 5 people only one day. We were able to complete the physical inventory on the weekend and not lose any shipping days.

    Shari Duke