Integration that will enable your specialty
    construction business to track revenue,
    expenses, and profitability by job.

Tracking your time spent on a job site is critical to your company's profitability.

For a specialty construction business, having your internal team worry about things like coding or manually entering their time into a homegrown system is highly inefficient. Our specialty construction customers can streamline their financial systems and operational processes with Microsoft Dynamics GP, which will allow you to:

  • Spend more time on high priority tasks on the job sight
  • Give your project managers real-time insight into their projects at all times
  • Better business intelligence to report on profitability
  • Mobile tools for your workforce that sync to your back-office systems
  • Integration throughout departments within your organization


Your team's time is better spent focusing on business intelligence and improving your output processes. We want to help you save hours per week by automating your operational and time entry tasks will make your business more profitable.