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Tidestone Insights

11/24: MYOB Radio featuring Sandy Wyman

Mind Your Own Business is about all things small business and personal business, providing listeners with useful information geared toward helping with a working career, a small business, or entrepreneurial endeavor, as well as personal affairs and daily decisions for the rest of their life.

The show, which will air on November 24th from 9 – 11 am (EST), will feature Stephen Jenks and Fritz Steele, who have just published a book titled “The Arrogant Leader: Dealing with the Excesses of Power.”   Sandy Wyman, President and Owner of Tidestone Solutions, will be talking as the “un-arrogant leader,” discussing ways she invites responsibility and accountability from her team, supporting and developing employees according to their individual strengths and aspirations, in line with Tidestone’s mission and goals.

Tune into WLOB, 1310 AM, or stream it live at www.wlobradio.com.  We will post the show  once it is available for download.  

All MYOB shows are available for download on the show’s website, www.MindYourOwnBusinessRadio.com.

We hope you’ll tune in and let us know what you think!

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