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12/13: The Nonprofit CFO’s Survival Guide—Meeting the Challenge

Thursday, December 13th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET
Nonprofit CFOs are expected to achieve so much. They must balance the competing interests of social mission and a sound financial foundation that includes automating processes, improving productivity, creating greater levels of transparency and visibility, enhancing the governance of the organization, and strengthening the team’s decision-making and strategic focus.
How can a CFO survive in this challenging environment? Join us for the webinar “The Nonprofit CFO’s Survival Guide—Meeting the Challenge” and learn the key challenges and requirements for nonprofit CFOs and how Intacct and the cloud can help meet them.
Learn how Intacct enables nonprofits to:
  • Support separate, balanced sets of books required for fund accounting.
  • Provide local access while maintaining central control.
  • Distribute responsibilities to contributors and managers while keeping tight controls to prevent unexpected outcomes.
  • Track general vs. restricted dollars and balance and close each fund or grant independently.
  • Achieve transparency and accountability.
  • Take advantage of the cloud to eliminate IT costs and headaches.

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