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12/4: WennSoft MobileTech Productivity Power Session

Job cost software, Project management software, Service management, Integration to Dynamics GP

Signature MobileTech 2013 is currently available today for Windows 7 and will soon be available for iOS 5.0 and 6.0 and Android 3.0 and 4.0. MobileTech 2013 is built on a platform that offers customers multiple operating system (OS) options; providing a broad set of device choices for mobile users. Customers installing MobileTech 2013 will need to be running WennSoft Signature 2010 R3 SP3 (1100b03g097).


MobileTech 2013 offers your team: 

  • Access to customer information and service history for specific equipment or locations 
  • Complete the call and record costs 
  • Secure signatures for work completed and print or email a call summary report while with the client 
  • Initiate new work/appointment from the field 
  • Send work and additional opportunities to sales 
  • Easily track billable time with time in/out of appointments


To learn how MobileTech 2013 can help your organization, we encourage you to join us for a Productivity Power session on December 4, 10:00AM CST offering you the opportunity to ask questions that are important to your business. Register Here

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