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Tidestone Insights

Three ways to simplify

Do you find yourself spending too much time chasing down the information you need to make key business decisions? Is reporting a headache or completely non-existent? Do you wish you could spend more time managing and improving your business?

Well, we have three simple tips to help with these common challenges:

1. First time’s the charm

With separate software for the different areas of your business – customer relationship management, sales, payables, receivables, inventory, fulfillment, project management, payroll – it’s common to find yourself duplicating efforts and creating errors. When all of your software systems are connected, you will spend less time on data entry, finding the right information for reporting, and reconciliation of your systems.

2. Can’t we all just get along?

Use software systems that work with and like the applications you’re already using (i.e. Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Outlook, etc). When you work with what you’ve already got and are familiar with, you’re maximizing your investments, creating efficiencies and making life a little simpler.

3. Information is King!

Whether you’re the CEO, Sales Manager, or Accounting Specialist, you need accurate and current information about your business every day.This information is key to helping you make decisions and with the right reports, you can easily see how each area of your business is doing at a glance or in detail.

To talk with us about these suggestions or learn more about how Tidestone Solutions can partner with your company, please contact us.

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