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5/8: Nonprofits Using QuickBooks: Solve your 5 Toughest Accounting Challenges

Wednesday, May 8th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET
The accounting demands on nonprofits are high. You need to:
  1. Track multiple business segments such as funds, grants, programs, donors, locations, and more.
  2. Manage a procure-to-pay process with the appropriate financial controls, approvals, and permissions.
  3. Generate a multitude of reports for different audiences including auditors, IRS, state, and board of directors.
  4. Balance transactions at the fund level.
  5. Ensure visibility and transparency for program managers, executives, donors, and board of directors.
If your accounting team is spending thousands of hours using Excel trying to meet these demands, you’re not alone.

Join us for the webinar “Non-profits Using QuickBooks: Solve your 5 Toughest Accounting Challenges,” and learn how hundreds of not-for-profits have used Intacct to meet these demands and improve accounting staff productivity by more than 30%.

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