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8/28: Webinar—You Think You Know Cloud, But Do You?

Wednesday, August 28th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET
Leaving a little mystery in a marriage might be exciting, but could be expensive for choosing your financial software. Don’t get fooled—not all “cloud” financial solutions are the same. There are big economic trade-offs among SaaS-querade, private cloud, and other cloud options. Knowing the buzzwords is not enough—find out how these options impact your bottom line.
Join us for the one hour webinar “You Think You Know Cloud, But Do You?”and learn from cloud expert, Brian Sommer, CEO of TechVentive, as he breaks down the different types of cloud options for finance and accounting solutions, and what you should use in your organization. If you are considering purchasing any cloud solution, attendance at this webinar is a must. Topics include:
  • Various flavors of cloud defined and explained.
  • The cloud solutions that deliver the most value for your organization.
  • The key considerations for buying cloud.
  • The questions you should ask each cloud vendor.

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