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Tidestone Insights

Supporting the Operating Needs of Non-profits

Here at Tidestone Solutions, we work with a number of Not For Profit organizations.  Our mission and values guide us to “improve the lives and businesses of our customers,” which includes helping our nonprofit clients stay focused on their missions by gaining faster, more accurate information about their financial health.  From developing custom reports, to providing documentation on business process, our clients look to our partnership for the support they  need to continue positively impacting the community. 

I found an excellent article entitled “How Small Nonprofits Can Improve Their Fiscal Health,” by Anjali Deshmukh and Angela Francis, posted on Philantropy.com.  The authors discuss ways for non-profits to improve their financial position while operating with an overworked – but dedicated – staff and tight budgets.  

The directors, staff and board are advised to focus on the mission and the financial practices, develop a well-rounded board with the skills the organization requires, for example.   Grant makers are encouraged to “support important infrastructure or operating needs like financial-reporting systems, development staff, and improved technology.”  The benefit of an efficient group is an effective group.

Readers of this blog are encouraged to read the entire article – it’s thorough, well-written and full of great ideas.  

Maine Association for Nonprofits

Looking for more ways to improve your nonprofit, or to support the mission-driven organizations in Maine?  Maine Association of Nonprofits offers developmental training, a best practices guide, and corporate support opportunities.  Please visit their site and see what great work they are doing in our community.


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