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Top 5 indicators that you need to consider a new accounting system

We’ve been helping organizations navigate the process of evaluating their accounting software for over 20 years.   What’s working? What’s not? Is it time for a change? 

We’ve found 5 common situations that can hold you back from success:

5.  Your business is growing. You have more employees, but they can’t all access the system at the same time.  Why? Your system can’t handle the capacity.

4. You know how your business is performing generally, but you don’t have real-time access to financial data, such as budget to actual reports, department profitability, job profitability, and sales analysis.  Why does this matter?  Managers require real-time data to make decisions.  Without it, they can’t do job you want them to do.

3. Your staff is entering data into two, separate software applications.  Integrating them seems too complicated – or impossible – with your current system. Why integrate?  Your staff can be more productive, and respond to customers more effectively.

2. Spreadsheets and more spreadsheets.  Your accounting system doesn’t produce the type of reports you need, and it doesn’t have the ability to track data that’s vital to your business. Your staff is spending time creating spreadsheets.  Why is this a problem? Those spreadsheets are outdated the moment they are printed and emailed. 

1. You’re using multiple systems, including manual and spreadsheet systems, that don’t integrate, are prone to error, and prevent your staff from doing their jobs well.  How does this hurt your organization?  Multiple systems create distrust in the data and take your team away from the organization’s mission. 


You might be saying “it’s not that bad,” or “it doesn’t take that much time.”  Think about the reports, decisions, and plans you’re not making because of the time that your current system is, in fact, costing you. We can look at your business process, your pains with the system you have in place now, and help you determine when the time will be right to make a change. 

Our most successful clients are those with a plan.  Even if the time isn’t right to make a change today, putting the plan in place will get put your business on the right track for when the time is right.

~Sandy Wyman, President 

 Want more information?  Contact us at 1-800-498-5474 or join us for a webinar or demo of accounting software.  

Download a free copy of the Software Evaluation Guide.

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