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Tidestone Insights

Women To Watch: Setting the Foundation for Value

We’ve been talking about the Mainebiz Women to Watch event quite a bit lately.  As a proud sponsor of MaineBiz Women to Watch campaign, we’ve put together a series of articles and webinars that we hope you will find inspiring and insightful as we await the finalists to be named and recognized. 

We’ve been asking ourselves, “What does it mean to be a Woman to Watch?”  and, even “What does it mean to be a woman leader in business?”  Our answers all have some common words – bold, bright, and progressive. 

We’ve noticed a few commonalities among these bold, bright, and progressive leaders. They all set the foundation for their companies early on.  They do one thing, they do it better than anyone else, and they rely on all available expertise to build a foundation that will support continuous improvement. 

Regardless of gender, setting a foundation is key to starting down your unique path to success.  Ensuring your employees have the right tools to do great work, having the financial visibility to support your company’s vision and see through risk, and creating efficiency are all key components to positioning your business for the next step. 

What is your next step?  Whether it is growth, expanding geographies, or moving toward an exit strategy, it all adds up to creating value in your business. 

Delivering value to your customers:

There are common traits in successful business owners.  It may not be readily obvious, but the following three traits transcend industry, size, and geography:

  1. Listening to the customer comes naturally. Digging deep to figure out how to help the customer be more successful is far more important than talking about you.
  2. Confidence in helping the customer make changes; to see through the risk in order to help them grow and adapt to new methods, products, and technologies.
  3. Always learning about your customer’s industry, competitive landscape, and opportunities, so you can be the best you can be for your customer. 

Have you noticed these traits in the modern, successful business owners you work with, or maybe in yourself?

Providing value for your employees:

A team with the best-in-class tools accomplishes more.  These employees tend to feel confident in the results they produce, leaving them feeling more satisfied.  Your staff will be free to focus on higher-level tasks, rather than wasting time, effort and energy entering and re-entering data.  With the time and the tools to do good work, they will be empowered to be great.

Progressive firms often have what we like to call “progressive staffing.”  This means varying schedules and office locations in many cases, which demands anytime, anywhere access to back office systems.  It takes dynamic technology with business-process based workflows and best-in-class software to adapt to the changing needs of the modern workforce.

Sharing value with your community:

It’s not enough to provide world class products and services to your customers and/or to provide a secure and interesting work environment for your employees.  You want to give back. 

Today’s modern leaders feel privileged to have the opportunity to give back.  It may be gifts of time, financial gifts, products and services, or helping in a fundraising event.  To match that desire, progressive non-profit organizations have become creative in their fundraising efforts. Team building exercises, athletic events, and artistic events have brought new opportunities for community-driven businesses to give back and have fun at the same time!  

Receiving value – for you:

Status Quo didn’t get you where you are, and it’s not good enough to get you where you’re going.  Your hard work should pay off, and allow you to focus on more important things – professionally or personally.  You know first-hand that when you work ON your business, rather than IN your business, you are fine-tuning the foundation that will serve as a launching pad to your next destination.  By leaning on other experts, you have the industry-specific knowledge at your fingertips to plan your future.  What does this mean for you? 

  • Seeing through the risk.
  • Business partnerships that give you security. 
  • Developing an agile infrastructure that will grow with you. 
  • Leading your business to the head of the class. 


Globalization, mobility and other mega-trends are rapidly changing the competitive landscape and how businesses of all sizes must operate to succeed. We are seeing that even modestly-sized companies are facing challenges in managing their business operations, such as data entry and reporting, auditing capabilities for tracking revenues and managing costs across multiple geographies, and managing various product pricing schedules to serve differing target markets. 

Here at Tidestone Solutions, we are in a position to help business owners leverage world-class technology to maintain growth and increase competitive advantage in a changing world, and we consider ourselves lucky to work with modern business leaders to do so.

Our contribution to you:

For those of you who are ready to take the next step in your business success, we are ready to help you deploy modern financial management systems as part of your ongoing efforts to remain agile in your market.  At Tidestone Solutions, what we do best is help our customers evaluate their business process and current systems, and migrate to a world-class accounting solution that gives them real-time visibility into financial and operational intelligence….key to making daily decisions.

Creating and maintaining value in your organization takes more than just hard work.  It takes more than just keeping up with current industry trends.  For modern, sustainable value, your business needs you to be that bold, bright and progressive leader – charting your own course to success.   Talk to our business process experts about your foundation for success.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Stay tuned with us while we anticipate the the MaineBiz Women to Watch honorees, and feel free to add your comments or thoughts!


WBENC Women in Business Enterprise
Tidestone Solutions is nationally certified by WBENC – Women’s Business Enterprise National Council






Join us September 19th for the Mainebiz Women to Watch Reception! Click here to register.

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