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9 Surprising Things Breweries Can Do With Microsoft Dynamics GP

9 Surprising Things Breweries

Can Do With Microsoft Dynamics GP


The craft beer industry is growing rapidly and competition is higher than ever.  This is a critical point for all breweries… do you have what it takes to be successful in this market?  Getting away from tracking your production and financials in Excel spreadsheets is sure to be a key to your success.  Along with that, is the perfect brew of course! 

Entry level accounting software, such as QuickBooks, is the obvious first solution for a start-up brewery.  However, as you start to reach full production capacity, you are probably outgrowing your current accounting solution.  It’s finally time to become a grown up in the brewing industry.  It’s finally time to actually track your costs… 

If you are a brewer or affiliated with the craft brew industry in any way, please consider these 9 powerful things that your brewery can do with a mid-level accounting software solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, with an integrated recipe manufacturing software solution:


  1. Track Real Time Costing
  2. Practice Inventory Control with a recipe manufacturing software
  3. Calculate inventory turns
  4. Produce accurate sales forecasts
  5. Make your TTB and excise tax reporting EASIER and FASTER
  6. Have real time reliable data for analysis
  7. Accommodate new processes and have your solution scale to fit your growing business
  8. Eliminate your infrastructure and technical resource constraints by putting your GP solution into the Cloud
  9. Have data collection tools that feed data directly into your accounting software for receiving, inventory movements and shipping


We have unique experience within the craft brewing industry.  Let us help guide you through these growing pains so that you can focus on brewing and become a leading competitor in your industry!


For more information about Tidestone Solutions and the ways in which we can help you become a leading competitor in your industry, call Kelley Sintz at 207-761-2133 x 1205 or via email at ksintz@tidestonesolutions.com!

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