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Brewery Accounting Review: Get out of the small brewer rut today!

Brewery Accounting Review:

Get Out of the Small Brewer Rut With CHANGE



If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you need to make a change and continue reading:

      • Are you looking for better visibility into your costing?
      • Do you want to move out of the “produce as much beer as possible” to the  “produce to order”?
      • Do you want to reduce your month end close time and get accurate financials quicker?
      • Would you like to easily track your raw materials through to finished goods?
      • Do you want to feel confident in your compliance and audit efforts with Excise Tax and TTB?


Why are businesses afraid to change? Successful companies, like our craft brewing friends, change their core product offering on a regular basis to keep up with their customer demand and ever-growing competition. Yet, changing the back office accounting software and related systems doesn’t keep pace with their success. We think it’s because change is scary; it’s unknown. Let’s minimize the unknown here, and help you understand why you should change your back office, entry level systems like Quickbooks and get out of the small brewery rut once and for all!

–>You need a more robust distribution system:

    • Multiple warehouses
    • Landed costs (if you want true costs…)
    • Multiple Ship To addresses
    • Bar Code Data Collection

–>You need to be able to track lots and recalls

–>You need to use your human resources for higher quality work and less data entry

–>You would like to enter QC data in one place; and analyze it from one place

–>Integrating other systems would eliminate duplicate data entry and provide better reporting:

    • Point of Sale
    • VIP
    • Braukon, or other brewery systems

–>You need more people accessing the system, with security and control

–>More detailed P&L reporting by location, division, or department would help manage costs:

    • You would like to allocate overhead across those segments automatically

–>You would like to schedule production based on historical sales and intelligent projections


You need to focus on what you do best; brewing beer.  So get the back office systems in order with Dynamics GP and Vicinity Brew, and stop spending your precious time, effort, and money on systems that don’t allow you to grow.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” -Winston Churchill 


To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software solutions for breweries, make a change, and call our Business Development Director today: Kelley Sintz  |  ksintz@tidestonesolutions.com  |  207-761-2133 x 1205


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