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Craft Brewers: Did you know?

Beer Enthusiasts: Did you know?

The Craft Brewing Industry is One of the Fastest Growing Industries in the US



Infographic from The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill – posted on June 30, 2014.

According to the Brewers Association, 502 new breweries have been born since 2013! The craft brewing industry is more competitive than ever. Are you streamlining your business processes? Are you using software solutions to your advantage?

One of Dogfish Head’s master brewers said it best, “We’re heading into an incredibly competitive era of craft brewing … There’s a bloodbath coming” (American Craft Beer Rumor Mill, June 30, 2014), and the only way to stay on top, is to utilize your valuable resources.

One of the most valuable resources available to craft breweries, is VicinityBrew. Vicinity Manufacturing’s VicinityBrew software solution paired with Microsoft Dynamics GP allows breweries to control inventory, centralize recipe management, track batch ticket processing, perform quality and control testing, excise tax reporting, planning, and scheduling. Together, these key functionalities of VicinityBrew enables breweries to meet the high demands for customer requirements of quality, delivery, and price!

gp2014logo    VicinityBrew TSS Brewery - normal 

For more information about the VicinityBrew with Microsoft Dynamics GP software solution, contact our business development director: Kelley Sintz at ksintz@tidestonesolutions.com or at 207-761-2133 x 1205.

Or visit www.vicinitybrew.com to learn more about how this software solution can help you grow with your business!



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