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Greenshades Year-End Webinar!


If you missed our Greenshades webinar earlier this morning, watch the full webinar now on-demand!




Since 2002, Greenshades has been building a high-quality payroll tax filing software that easily integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Other Greenshades solutions include Electronic Paystubs, Online Employee Services, Year-End Forms, Benefits Solutions, and more. Greenshades’ goal is to help your business reduce payroll hassle, streamline your accounting processes, and save money by performing payroll tasks on your own instead of outsourcing your payroll needs. Learn More

This webinar will showcase Greenshades’ product functionality including:

  • 1099 reporting
  • W-2 reporting (federal & state)
  • Form Distribution
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance Tracking
  • Reporting Software




For more information about Greenshades Software or for assistance with your year-end processes, contact Tidestone Solutions today!

info@tidestonesolutions.com | 207-761-2133 | PMB 9715-805, Portland, ME 04101

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