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How do I move my accounting to the cloud?

How do I move my accounting to the cloud?

Cloud.  It’s the “buzz” right now, and everyone is talking about it. More and more companies are looking at cloud solutions mainly to save on infrastructure costs. One particular topic of interest is accounting ERP solutions. Many small to medium sized businesses are starting to realize that their “beginner” accounting software is no longer able to satisfy the demands of their business. These businesses may also be realizing that they could eliminate IT infrastructure and man power in an effort to reduce costs…

The idea of moving your data to the cloud can be scary, especially since there is so much literature on the web about the pros and cons of the cloud. However, if you feel as though you are educated enough about the cloud and ready to make the move… it’s actually quite simple. If you are currently using an entry level accounting solution, such as QuickBooks, then there are many related Cloud solutions available to you. But, before you reach for the entry level Cloud solutions that pair with your entry level accounting software, you should decide whether or not your business is still ready to take a different path.  Chances are, you have actually outgrown your current accounting solution.

The mid-level accounting ERP solution market, is certainly competitive and there are a lot of valuable solutions available to businesses. Some function only as on premise solutions and others function only as SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. The SaaS solutions are solely cloud based solutions. There are various other solutions that actually function as both on premise or in the cloud, like Microsoft Dynamics GP!

If you are not ready to commit to a cloud based accounting solution, you can purchase the Microsoft Dynamics GP software, and start using it as an on premise solution. This may or may not require you to upgrade your server, or buy an additional server. In this instance, you would own your Microsoft Dynamics GP software, and would be required to pay annual enhancement fees. This is not uncommon and is actually the “norm” with ERP solutions. Essentially, there is no way to avoid the cost of annual enhancement fees. However, with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you will have the option to move your solution to the cloud whenever you are ready. So in a few years, if you find that your infrastructure costs are too high, you can choose to simply pay a monthly charge (“per user/per month”) for your data to live in the cloud. 

If you’re ready to trade your entry level accounting software solution in for a more robust accounting software solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP on the cloud, making the switch is easy!  It’s not much different than purchasing a new server and having a tech team transfer your on premise solution to the new server. You would simply begin paying a “per user/per month” charge and be able to access Microsoft Dynamics GP as if you already own it. You won’t actually own the software, but are rather renting it. You can rest assure that your data will be secure living in the cloud as all hosting providers are held to extremely high security standards.  Much higher than in-house compliance standards that your company may already have.


In conclusion, some perks of having your solution in the cloud include:

  • Upgrades are included. Your solution will be upgraded with the most recent releases and service packs automatically (if you are new to GP and the cloud).
  • You will have anytime, anywhere access as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Other software solutions can be integrated just as if they were on premise. 
  • More secure than an on premise solution.



If the cloud accounting software solution sounds like a good fit for your business needs, make the switch! Contact our Business Development Director, Kelley Sintz, today at 207-761-2133 x 1205 or via email at ksintz@tidestonesolutions.com!  

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