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How do you take one click and turn it into hundreds in Dynamics GP? MACROS.

How do you take one click and turn it into hundreds in Dynamics GP? MACROS.




In every business there are repetitive data entry processes that require time and effort from the Accounting and Finance Departments.  Often the data entered has already been entered in another software system or a spreadsheet.  Transactions such as:

  • Payroll Journal Entry
  • AP Vouchers
  • Credit Card Receipts
  • Sales Orders
  • Cash Receipts
  • Cash Management Transactions

Rather than manually enter these, and other transactions, from an external source, why not use the Macro functionality in Dynamics GP?


Macros are used to make a sequence of computing instructions available to the programmer as a single program statement, making the programming task less tedious and less error-prone!       –Wikipedia


You can find the Macro functionality in Dynamics GP in Tools > Macro > Record, and then Tools > Macro > Play. 

For specific steps on how to create and store macros, or for some pre-recorded macros, give us a call at 207.761.2133 or check out our website http://www.tidestonesolutions.com/how-we-help/products/

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