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Introducing Allagash Brewing Company!


Tidestone Solutions’ New Partnership With Allagash Brewing Company

Introducing one of our newest customers, Allagash Brewing Company! Allagash was founded in 1955 by Rob Tod (pictured below), who recognized an absence of Belgian-style brews in the US market. Tod’s dream to share the taste of Belgium’s exquisite white beers, or “wit” beers as the Belgians would say, came true when he opened a small 15-barrel brewhouse. Allagash is now producing over 45,000 barrels of Belgian craft beer in Portland, Maine.

rob tod

In 2001, Tod and his Allagash Brewing team dove into the world of cork and cage finished beers and bottle conditioning. During this time, very few US breweries were using this technique, but Allagash knew that this process would be revolutionary. Bottle conditioning is the act of adding sugar and yeast to the beer concoction before bottling the brew, which adds natural carbonation to the beer. The result creates a softer carbonation and allows the beer to adopt more flavor over time, ultimately enhancing the beer drinker’s Allagash experience!

Today, Allagash brews six different year-round beers, seven different specialty beers, eleven limited editions brews, twelve tribute series beers, and many more. Some are yearly releases, others are one-offs, some are keg-only releases, and twenty of Allagash’s brews are draft-only recipes. Each of Allagash’s beers has a unique story behind its recipe. One of the brewery’s most popular brews, Allagash White, is Allagash’s interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer that is brewed with coriander spice, a generous amount of wheat, and Curacao orange peel to create a fruity and refreshing craft beer.

Allagash shares its methodical brew process with its loyal beer drinkers during the brewery’s famous Allagash Tour. The tours are typically four hours long and include a tasting menu of four different Allagash brews. The tours are offered six days per week with tasting menus that change daily. Allagash also invites its loyal beer drinkers to stop by any day of the week for a free tasting, without a brewery tour, which consists of four different 3-ounce glasses of Allagash beer. For more information about Allagash Brewing Company’s tours and complimentary tastings, visit the Allagash website!  


Allagash is an environmentally friendly company that strives to minimize their carbon footprint and help the community. Allagash purchases renewable credits from Steel Winds II wind farm in New York to offset the brewery’s electricity usage. In 2012, Allagash was able to offset 92% of its electricity usage. The company also composts, donates its used grain to local farmers for animal feed, recycles its yeast waste as fertilizer, recycles its cardboard waste (50,000 lbs in 2012), and frequently revises its brew process to reduce water usage.

Allagash continues to push the limits of beer production and brewing techniques to be the most successful Belgian-beer brewery on this side of the Atlantic! With the help of Tidestone Solutions, Allagash Brewing Company is now able to streamline its business processes and remarkable new developments. Together, Tidestone Solutions and Allagash Brewing Company will collaborate, plan, and customize the brewery’s existing Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software solution as well as implement their new recipe manufacturing software, Vicinity Brew.


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