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Introducing the Tidestone Database Refresh Tool

Introducing the Tidestone Database Refresh Tool

Have you ever wanted to create a backup of Dynamics GP on the fly?  Or wanted to refresh your test company with live data from the production environment?  So, how do you go about this as an Accounting User?  You contact your IT team or call your Dynamics GP partner and ask them to do it for you.  This may or may not be scheduled for that day, but most commonly it would be that night or the next day.  What if there was a quicker way?

Introducing the Tidestone Database Refresh Tool…

The Tidestone Company Refresh Tool (TDRT) allows typical GP users to take backups of their Dynamics GP databases and restore those backups over test companies without needing access to SQL Management Studio or the SQL server.  TDRT is a standalone Windows form application that installs on a typical desktop.  It supports SQL and Windows Authentication and has many features that make backing up Dynamics GP or any SQL database quick and easy.

Upon launch, TDRT scans your network for available SQL servers, and presents them, along with a list of their databases, in an easy to use interface.  Once loaded, TDRT allows you to simply take a backup, and restore a database from an existing backup file or take a new backup and restore it over a database.




TDRT has many options that allow you to customize the backup experience.  These options include:  

1. Password Protected Options Page – Allows Administrators to set settings for users and then lock them down with a password.

2. Database exclusions – A comma separated list of database names that are not allowed to be restored over.  This is great for system administrators that was to ensure that certain databases are never copied over (like production databases).

3. Backup Path – Source – Allows you set a custom location to store the source backup file.

4. Backup Path – Destination – Allows you to set a default location to move the backup file to before restore (Used when source and destinations servers are different)

5. Run GP Scripts – When checked, the utility will run the GP GRANT.sql and INTERID.sql scripts against the restored database.

6. Always Change Recovery Model to Simple – When checked will always change the restored database to simple recovery no matter what the source db was set to.




TDRT is a streamlined tool that saves companies time and money by allowing the GP user to backup and restore databases without having to rely on IT resources.  Please contact Tidestone Solutions at sales@tidestonesolutions.com to inquire about this must-have product.  The TDRT is just one of many products that Tidestone Solutions develops and supports.


Darren Woodbrey, Technical Director


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