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Introducing Victory Brewing Company, Our Newest Partner


Victory Brewing Company

How Our Business Solutions Integrate With Victory’s Rapid Expansion Needs 

Introducing Victory Brewing Company as our newest Microsoft Dynamics GP partner! With 12 different year round house made brews and an ever growing list of seasonal and specialty brews to satisfy the beer enthusiasts of the world, Victory Brewing Company was named one of the top 30 largest craft breweries in the US, according to The Drink Nation. 102,973 barrels of Victory’s assortment of craft brews supplies 34 different US states and many loyal international customers in Japan, Singapore, the UK, Sweden, the Cayman Islands, Australia, China, Germany, and France.

What most Victory craft beer drinkers don’t know, is that Victory Brewing Company has one of the most exquisite brewing processes in the industry. This process begins with a sophisticated malt preparation, imported from Germany. Once the German malt shipment enters the brew house, it is sifted, sent to the wet mill for softening, mixed to activate starch and sugar enzymes, then transferred to a lauter tun where the malt is combined with whole flower hops, not the typical pelletized hops found in most breweries. After a specified time, the hops are removed and the mixture is transferred to fermentation tanks where hand selected yeast strains are added to the mixture. The yeast converts the malt sugars to a tasteful alcoholic composition, made for consumption!


Founders, Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski

Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski (above) have owned and operated Victory Brewing Company for 18 years. In 1996, the two purchased Pennsylvania’s infamous Pepperidge Farm factory and turned it into a restaurant and brewery. What was once a 70-foot bar and 144-seat restaurant producing 1,725 barrels of craft beer, is now a state of the art facility that seats 300 people and brews nearly 103,000 barrels of craft beer, annually. Victory Brewing Company’s rapid expansion called for the company’s newest project—a second brewery in Parkesburg, PA, which began operating in January of 2014, where an additional 225,000 barrels of Victory’s signature craft beer will be brewed when running at full capacity, allowing for several years of  future growth!

Victory’s remarkable developments have introduced many new business processes and a need for streamlining these processes. We are proud to announce Victory Brewing Company as our newest Microsoft Dynamics GP partner! Together, our Tidestone Solutions team and Victory Brewing Company will collaborate, plan, and customize their already existing Microsoft GP ERP accounting solution.  As well as help Victory select, prepare and integrate a new recipe manufacturing software implementation. Victory’s already successful business operation along with Tidestone Solutions extensive knowledge of the craft brew industry will put Victory at the forefront of technology in the brewing industry.


For more information about the many business ready Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions that Tidestone implements, please contact Kelley Sintz from our sales team at (207)761-2133 x1205 or via email at ksintz@tidestonesolutions.com. We are here to help successful businesses like yours grow through streamlining your business processes and finding solutions that fit your needs!

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