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The Mystery Behind Paid Transaction Removal


What is the Paid Transaction Removal function in Dynamics GP and why should it be used?


Over the years this has been a question that is asked often by GP customers.  This Sales Routine title is daunting to say the least!  Removal?  When you’re referring to data?  That can cause you to never go to this window in GP.  However, if you understand this process and run it periodically, it can make your life much easier!  Well, when you’re using GP Sales that is.

What the process does is move fully paid/applied transactions from the ‘open’ status to the ‘historical’ status.   It also consolidates all balance forward transaction amounts.  If you are keeping history for sales, the transactions are moved to history.  See an example of an inquiry screen below with a sample of different statuses for sales documents:


Before running this routine for the first time, be sure to check that your setup is marked to ‘Maintain Sales History.’  This setting can be found under the Sales Area Page>Setup>Receivables>Options, below is a screen shot from Fabrikam.  Note that ‘Sales’ is marked in the lower portion of the window:


(If ‘Sales’ not marked the routine WILL delete historical transactions!) 


Running this routine periodically offers some great benefits: 

  • Restrict the search in customer inquiry by ‘Open’ and/or ‘Historical’  
  • More flexible Smartlists 
  • Applying cash receipts gets much easier, as you will ONLY see open transactions.   
  • Statements will be cleaner as you can select to show only current activity 


With this recent addition of the Professional Services Tools Library, you don’t need to worry about unapplying historical transactions – this tool allows you to do this and Microsoft offers it now for FREE to current customers. So, when will YOU run this routine and start reaping the benefits? 

TSS Quickbooks - normal gp2014logo


Call our Business Development Director, Kelley Sintz, today to schedule a demonstration of this Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on!

ksintz@tidestonesolutions.com  |  207-761-2133 x 1205  |  PMB 9715-805, Portland, ME 04104



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