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The Tidestone Team Packs for Microsoft’s 2014 reIMAGINE Conference

Who Would Want to Go to FARGO in NOVEMBER?!?




We do!  The Tidestone Solutions team is ready to beat the intense winter weather (early for us) by flying out to Fargo, ND at the beginning of November to attend the reIMAGINE 2014 Conference.  This is an annual conference, hosted by the Dynamic Partner Connections for Microsoft Dynamics GP professionals.  Tidestone is proud to be a part of the Dynamics community and furthering our knowledge and expertise of Microsoft Dynamics GP, the solution we hold so closely to our hearts.   

So what are we packing? 

As you can see from our photo, we have put extra money in our budget to cover the cost of additional luggage that will be needed in order for us to ship our winter survival gear!  However, we will also be packing all the tools necessary for us to bring back greater development techniques, project management and consulting skills and maybe some insight into the next release of Dynamics GP!

Our development team will be busy getting more experience with integrations with other applications.  As well as gaining more extensive knowledge about Microsoft’s new Service Based Architecture.  I’m sure the Microsoft team has LOTS more in store for them and they will come back with their heads ready to explode! 

The most exciting news is a sneak peek at what’s in store for Microsoft Dynamics 2015!  Aren’t we still figuring out GP 2013?  Let’s see what else they can do to make it the greatest best of breed software for the mid-market out there!  Looks like they have been working hard on the Business Intelligence modules as well, as there will be lots of new reporting assets and dashboards to learn about.  If you are using Management Reporter, I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear the news when we return.

Overall, it’s going to be a VERY busy 3 days for us in Fargo.  The Tidestone Team promises to bring back lots of new and exciting tools and trades.  We will have the pleasure of seeing Doug Burgum, the former CEO of Great Plains Software, speak as the event Keynote speaker.  So exciting!  As long as we don’t freeze to death, I can promise great things upon our return! 

Cheers to reimagine 2014!


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