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The top ten newest Dynamics GP enhancements that will change your life.


With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2, are some very impressive new features! Take a look at Tidestone’s list of the top ten:


1) COMPANIES OFFLINE – we frequently hear from our customers that keeping users out of Dynamics GP during maintenance sessions can be challenging. The “Companies Offline” feature allows administrators to call a login block, so that users are unable to login until you are ready. You can select or customize a message that appears when the users attempt to login during the login block period to describe the time frame, reason, or any other details you wish to include!

top ten_1


2) OPENING A CLOSED FISCAL YEAR IN THE GENERAL LEDGER – this is monumental for Dynamics GP users! Until now, you usually had to rely on Microsoft Professional Services to reopen a closed fiscal year in the general ledger. It was extremely time consuming and costly. Now you can complete this task yourself within the application!

top ten_2


3) DEFAULT SORT ORDER FOR PRINTING CHECKS – the new feature that grants you the ability to default the sort order. You can now sort the checks by payment number, vendor name, state and city, or even zip code. You no longer need to remember to change the sort order each time you print a check! Simply set the default sort order of your choice in the Payables Management Setup window.

top ten_3


4) REPRINT THE OUTSTANDING TRANSACTION REPORT FOR BANK RECONCILIATIONS – the outstanding transactions report can now be reprinted after you’ve reconciled your bank statement using the Financial Posting Journal window.

top ten_4


5) ENTER A CUSTOMIZED SCRIPT FOR SUGGESTED SALES ITEMS – in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2, you can now create a script for your customer service representatives to use for taking orders and suggesting additional items when placing an order. The script is accessible in the Suggest Sales Item Entry window shown below.

top ten_5


6) ADDITIONAL SUGGEST SALES ITEM ENTRY WINDOW TOOLS – some tools that were added to the Suggest Sales Item Entry window with the release of Dynamics GP 2013 R2 in addition to the Sales Script tool include:

                        a. Quantity – displays the quantity from the sales transaction window

                       b. Unit Price – displays the price specified

                       c. Quantity Available – amount available at the site specified

                       d. Quantity to Add – default calculations from the quantity of items ordered; this can be edited


7) PURCHASE REQUISITIONS – this tool allows you to submit requisitions internally to your purchasing departments to eliminate duplication on entries, reduce order errors and track employee requisitions easily.

top ten_7


8) DOCUMENT ATTACHMENT FOR PAYABLES TRANSACTIONS – the document attachment tool was released previously, but not accessible in the Payables Transaction Transaction Entry window until now! This tool allows you to easily attach W9 forms, contracts, etc. to the transaction or master record and preview or email the document right from the Payables Transaction Entry window.

top ten_8


9) ASSIGN EMAIL ADDRESSES TO DOCUMENT TYPES – the customer e-mail options tool allows you to assign individual e-mail addresses for vendors and customers based on specific document types.

top ten_9 top ten_9-1


10) PRINT/ EMAIL REMAINING DOCUMENTS – the Sales Document Print Options tool allows you to print AND e-mail documents with one single command. Once you have set GP to print and e-mail documents simultaneously, the documents that are set up to be e-mailed will be sent in an e-mail and the documents that are set up to print will be sent to the printer!

top ten_10


Hopefully you find our Tidestone Solutions team’s list of top ten most useful new tools in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 extremely helpful to your business processes! If you have not upgraded to the newest version of Dynamics GP, you are truly missing out on all of these new functionalities.



For sales questions or to schedule your upgrade to the newest version of Dynamics GP, please contact Kelley Sintz at 207-761-2133 x 1201 or via email at ksintz@tidestonesolutions.com.



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