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Top 6 ISVs That Seamlessly Integrate With Dynamics GP

Top 6 ISVs That Seamlessly Integrate With Dynamics GP


Over the years we have worked with many ISVs. Below we have briefly identified a few of our Tidestone favorites. We have taken the liberty of using language from some of these infamous ISV websites to better portray their value.  


Ability to centralize contact and collection information enabling businesses to streamline processes, improve cash flow and reduce bad debt.  Track what contact has been made, promises to pay, emails and letters sent in one place! 

  • Send pre-defined collection letters and attached invoices at the press of a button. 
  • Easily see all of your customer communications, contact details and balance info with the ability to drill down to the actual invoice. 
  • Develop powerful, easy-to-use queries 
  • Setup collection plans for your customers that can prompt when the next collection action is required. 


eOne Solutions – SmartList Builder

Enhance your SmartList experience with the number one selling GP add-on module.  Get access to the data you need in a format that is right for you.  SLB allows you to create both brand new SmartLists or modify existing SmartLists.  Gain the ability to link up to 32 GP tables, and/or any third party tables, SQL table, SQL view or SQL Scripts.  SmartList Builder adds power to the existing SmartList query functionality. 

Online self-service portal for employee paystubs, timesheets, documents and much more!  Allow employees to update their address, emergency contacts, direct deposit information, submit a request for time off, and enter time that can be approved by a manager.  All this is available via a mobile app as well. 


Solver – BI360

Reporting, budgeting, and dashboards! If you like reports in an Excel format, BI360 is for you!  Easily build financial statements, ad-hoc sub-ledger reports and queries using drag-and-drop functionality all within Excel.  A great alternative to Management Reporter. 

  • Flexible and highly adaptable Budgeting module,  
  • Dashboards – KPIs, scorecards, at-a-glance monitoring.  Get a better view of critical information in one centralized location. 
  • Collaboration – Interact with anyone in your organization to drive efficiency and performance! 


Mekorma – MICR

Best-selling check printing enhancement for Dynamics GP.  Easily manage multiple checking accounts, add check printing security, and eliminate the manual check signing process.  MICR is available for Purchasing, US Payroll and Canadian Payroll.   Some of the benefits you gain with MICR include, but are not limited to: 

  • Purchase blank check stock and use across multiple checking accounts by printing the MICR encoding for each. 
  • Sign checks based on User ID 
  • Require Passwords to Print Checks and EFTs 
  • View check image in GP inquiry 
  • Restrict invoices to specific checkbooks 


Rockton – Dynamics GP Toolbox

25 Tools to help you make your GP experience even better!  Classified into the following 4 categories: Security, Administration, Business Process, and User Experience.  Some of my favorites include: 

  • Inactivity Timeout – gracefully log out users after a specified time of inactivity. 
  • System Lockout – Prevent users from logging into a company while performing system maintenance. 
  • Reset Batches – Reset batches stuck in a failed posting process. 
  • Period Open/Close – open, close, and create fiscal periods across all companies and series from one screen in GP. 
  • Widgets 
  • Close confirmation – confirm you wish to close GP to avoid accidently closing and restarting the application. 
  • Auto-fill the system password – enter the system password once within a session in GP. 
  • Company in the Title Bart – adds the company name to the application so you can identify which company instance you want in the Windows task bar. 


TSS Quickbooks - normal


This list contains only a few of the ISVs that enhance the Microsoft Dynamics GP experience.  If you are interested in learning more about some of the ISVs listed above, please contact Kelley Sintz at 207-761-2133 x 1205 or via email at ksintz@tidestonesolutions.com!

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