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Webinar: New Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013


So you have Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 installed… but what functionality is NEW?!

When the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP was released in late 2012, it felt like a whole new product. The 2013 version catapulted functionality and versatility into a widely used and well known accounting ERP solution.  The navigation was familiar, yet easier.  The reporting function drastically improved, and replaced the old, out dated solution.  But most importantly, Microsoft incorporated all modules into one solution by moving to Perpetual Licensing.

If you moved from BRL or Module Based Licensing in the earlier versions of MS Dynamics GP, then you may not even know that GP 2013 comes with mostly ALL the functionality of every module and then some!  Even some of the functionality that came with the more expensive modules is now included and has even been improved.  Have you seen Requisition Management?  If not, definitely check it out! Here are some of our other favorite new functions that come with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013:

Email Functionality:  FINALLY!  You can send documents in email messages.  For example, with Sales Order Processing, you can send packing slip and back order details in an email message directly from GP.

Business Analyzer: It’s metrics and dashboard functionality right there on your home page!  You even customize it to fit your role within GP.  View and access outstanding invoices that are due that day, or set your page for “sales” and maintain customer records, enter sales transactions or even print your customer statements! 

Word Templates: You can utilize pre-written letter templates for Sales Order Processing.  SO COOL.

General Ledger Batch Approval: You can now view and track the approval information for a journal entry batch.  The user and date information is stored in both the Transaction Account History table as well as the Year-To-Date Transaction Open table.

Human Resources:  This now has more functionality than ever!  Here are a few things that are standard in the starter pack for Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • Federal Magnetic Media                                                      
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll-Canada                                                                                
  • Payroll-United States
  • Payroll Connect                                                                              
  • Payroll Direct Deposit
  • Position Control                                                                              
  • Employee Self Service Suite

Account Payables Editing: If you need to change the remit to match the address ID, you can now do this on existing payables transactions.  No need to void anymore!  Just edit the transaction and you’re good!

Dimensions within Analytical Accounting:  As part of the Fixed Asset transaction, you can define transaction “dimensions” which are linked specifically to an account class.  Use your saved analysis data before you post your batch!

Inventory Reason Codes: In an inventory management world, reason codes are critical.  You can track all of your inventory movement by using “reason codes”.  You can now analyze your inventory data in a more methodical manner.


Register for our Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Functionality webinar that will be held on 11/19/14 at 9AM EST to learn how to use each of these new functions:

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