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What GP Has That QuickBooks Does Not

What GP Has That QuickBooks Does Not


POWER AND FLEXIBILITY AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD. Microsoft Dynamics GP gives businesses the best of both worlds—a comprehensive business management software solution that grows with your company at an affordable price. Tidestone Solutions offers discovery visits to find the best software solution for your company, as well as fixed-scope packages that include all of your individual business needs. Whether it be a budget friendly solution, a multi-user friendly solution, data migration or training needs, we can ensure that Microsoft Dynamics GP will give you the power and functionality that is needed to help your financial processes grow with your business.


Modules/Scalability: Microsoft Dynamics GP offers business solutions through use of various components including Financial Management, Business Intelligence & Reporting, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Manufacturing and Workplace Collaboration, and many more. Each of these components is included in Microsoft’s ERP “Business Ready” products. All of Microsoft’s “Business Ready” products use a flat pricing model, meaning each product is sold at one of two prices depending on which modules constitute your customized software solution.


Usability/User Experience and Security: Since Dynamics GP is built on a Microsoft platform, the home page, dashboards, and various tools have a very comfortable appearance and functionality for users. The Dynamics GP home pages can be modified to include any quick-links or shortcuts you may find useful. You can also create a to-do list for yourself on your homepage, amongst many other convenient reminders including business metrics, and reports. The user has the option to navigate Dynamics GP using a toolbar at the top of the home page or a navigation plane located on the left-hand side of the home page. Microsoft Dynamics GP is easily customizable and user-friendly, allowing users to access any tool from one recognizable screen.


Integration: Microsoft Dynamics GP provides tight integration capabilities with the tools you’re already using, like Microsoft Office 365. The Dynamics GP screens can be modified to hide or include fields, change prompt settings, change the tab sequence, and even change the terminology used on your dashboard with the built-in Modifier Tool. Along with the modifier, which is used to change the UI, we have a set of .Net SDKs that allow you to drive your UI changes with code.  GP has a very strong set of integration tools including a full web service API and eConnect stored procedures that follow the Dynamics GP business logic.  These tools can be used to code against most programming languages and can provide close to real-time integrations with your third party applications.


Reporting: All of Microsoft Dynamics GP’s “Business Ready” products include the Report Writer tool. In addition to the Report Writer tool, Dynamics GP is now compatible with excel reports, word templates, and SSRS reporting, which allows you to create, deploy, and manage your company’s reports. Users can also install the SQL Reporting Services tool, which connects to the SQL Server Database and can be used with Microsoft Office Excel, where users can customize as many reporting options as needed beyond the pre-defined report layouts provided by Dynamics GP. The pre-defined report layouts can also be modified and saved in the Reports Library for quick and easy future access.


Support, Training & Help: Microsoft Dynamics GP users have several means of getting the assistance they need, whether it be opening a Microsoft support case, contacting their Microsoft partner, or using the “help” option within Dynamics GP. With every new release of Dynamics GP, Microsoft provides a “What’s New” document that helps users get acclimated to any changes or new features. Unlimited web-based training is available to Dynamics GP users that includes module-specific training sessions and FAQ’s. Using the “Help” tab on your Dynamics GP home page, you can also find an online knowledgebase to address common Dynamics GP related questions and useful documentation.


Microsoft Dynamics GP is a widely diverse product that is capable of supporting multiple users across a variety of industries with the strongest reporting, customization, and extensibility capabilities available to ERP software users. Becoming a Dynamics GP user will allow you to grow with your business while streamlining your processes and accessing your financial information more easily and quickly than ever before.


To learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions available to your business, contact our Business Development Director, Kelley Sintz, today! Her email address is ksintz@tidestonesolutions.com and her direct line is 207-956-6635.




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