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Brewbound Session Chicago 2015 – What an Experience!

Brewbound Session Chicago 2015 – What an Experience!



The Tidestone Solutions team has just returned from Brewbound Session Chicago 2015. We met a lot of fun people, tried many new beers, and enjoyed it all in the wonderful city of Chicago. Throughout the day-long session, a few things became very apparent: craft beer is experiencing unprecedented growth, the industry is producing some unbelievable products from almost every corner of the country, and the people managing the breweries are seeking the best ways to help manage that growth while ensuring their financial house is in order.

A growing brewery will reach a point that requires them to expand their infrastructure to accommodate future growth, and back office accounting software should be part of any expansion strategy. Microsoft Dynamics GP is uniquely advantageous to businesses in the craft brewing industry, because it offers robust financial, reporting, and supply chain functionality out of the box. Third party applications such as VicinityBrew add specialized recipe management, inventory control, and quality control features that are customized to fit exactly within the requirements of the brewery they serve.

Breweries come to Tidestone Solutions as their Microsoft Dynamics GP partner because of Tidestone’s extensive industry knowledge, already providing solutions for Victory Brewing, Allagash Brewing, and others. This means that we can help implement a software solution that is customized both to your current production volume and future production growth.

We had a great time at Brewbound Session Chicago this year, and loved meeting people from Upland Brewing Company, Crossroads Brewing, and White Lion Brewery. We hope to see all of the same breweries and co-sponsors and meet many more at Brewbound Session San Diego in December!

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