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CustomerSource. How can you use it as a resource?

CustomerSource. How can you use it as a resource?

CustomerSource is a Microsoft Dynamics GP customer resource for new product updates, available software downloads, Microsoft news, training or technical support information, and more! With CustomerSource, you can easily find this information and more at any time of the day. This resource can also help customers with a service plan reduce their technical support costs by giving you access to Microsoft Dynamics GP tutorials and support at any time.

When logging into CustomerSource, you will find important account information related to your profile or products. You will also find links to the following other features within CustomerSource:

  • Account Management
  • Technical Support
  • Microsoft News & Events
  • Knowledge Base
  • Downloads
  • Software Updates
  • Documentation
  • Training and Certification
  • Microsoft Community Information
  • Product Information

Some of the Microsoft CustomerSource features that we believe to be most useful for our customers is the Account Management, Technical Support, and News & Events features.

1. The Account Management feature in CustomerSource will allow you to access and update your account information, including your personal and company profiles, your order and billing status, you Microsoft Dynamics GP registration keys, and an overview of your service plan.

2. The Technical Support feature provides customers with many self-help tools and assisted support services. For customers with a Microsoft Dynamics GP service plan, electronic support requests can help improve efficiency after hours or on the weekend when your partner is unavailable; contact us for more information about the Microsoft Dynamics GP service plan benefits. Some of the online self-help tools available in CustomerSource include the Microsoft Knowledge Base or database of GP tips and tricks published by Microsoft, the Automated Solutions or list of solutions to common problems or errors with your software, and the Hot Topics or critical news and support alerts.

3. The News & Events feature allows customers to read press releases about products and special offers that could benefit your business. This feature also includes articles written about other Microsoft Dynamics GP users, invitations to Microsoft customer conferences and seminars, and information about online seminars and webcasts.

CustomerSource is a Microsoft Dynamics GP customer resource designed to drive your business success, through teaching you more about your software solution and offering tools to help you work more efficiently. To learn more about setting up your CustomerSource profile, contact Tidestone Solutions today!

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