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It’s finally here – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2!

It’s finally here – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2!


Officially released on June 1, 2015, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 builds upon the already robust and greatly loved GP 2015 software release. There are so many great new features available to users in GP 2015 R2, that Microsoft has decided to kick off the month of June with a blog series to outline each feature. Some of the new features that have already been unveiled and blogged about by the Microsoft GP Community include:

      • Masking Social Security Numbers on Reports
      • Employee Self Service W-2 Forms
      • General Ledger Combine Inquiry
      • Historical Received Not Invoiced Report
      • Accounts Payable Invoice Workflow Approval Options
      • All-In-One Document View
      • Customer Credit Limit Visual
      • Time Management Application
      • SmartList Debit and Credit Displays
      • Automatically Deposit Cash Receipts

These features, among many others, offer functionality and even more efficiency to Microsoft Dynamics GP users. One of our personal favorite features is the Historical Received Not Invoiced Report. Those of you who track your invoices and receipts to match open purchase orders have likely noticed that the old Received Not Invoiced Report would pull all PO matching information regardless of the date. Now, you can filter your report using a date range. Wow! There are even two ways to filter the date – by transaction date or by general ledger posting date. If the date of the transaction falls within the cutoff date entered, the transaction will appear on the Received Not Invoiced Report; how convenient!

To note: the new report will be called the “Historical Received/ Not Invoiced Report.”

Some of the other noteworthy features that will be discussed by the Microsoft Dynamics GP Community in late June or early July include:

      • Enable Email on all Purchase & Sales Order Documents
      • SmartList Designer Create View
      • Workflow Document Attach Capabilities
      • Default SmartList Visibility
      • The Self Service User Type
      • Analytical Accounting Transactions View in SmartLists
      • Scriptable Provisioning

We hope you’re as excited as we are to uncover and utilize the new features available to users in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 release! To take advantage of these features, call us today for an upgrade!

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