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Modifying WennSoft Service Management’s GL Posting Process

As the Controller for my organization, I am charged with reviewing the General Ledger for accuracy. I noticed the General Journal Entries flowing from the Revenue Recognition process in WennSoft Service Management did not allow any drill-backs.

That is to say the Revenue Recognition process creates a Journal Entry without flowing through Sales, therefore it’s not tied to any specific Customer or Contract. You can’t view the entry in an Inquiry window and click through to its origin.

This caused a problem whenever I needed to review an entry and compare it to its Contract, and was especially difficult during the testing phase of our implementation. I asked our development team to customize the posting process to include the Customer ID.

Here’s how they did it:

Using Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft GP, the developers were able to programmatically modify the default functionality during the Revenue Recognition process. By interacting with the existing GP code, they were able to customize the process in order to update the GL reference entry to include the customer ID value. This customization is implemented as an add-on to our GP instance and is run each time a user invokes the Revenue Recognition process.

To learn more about this process, or how to customize other processes for your Microsoft Dynamics GP experience, call us today!