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Our Technical Support Practice for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Our Technical Support Practice for Microsoft Dynamics GP


Tidestone Solutions is dedicated to evaluating and improving our customer care tactics, including how we handle the different types of support tickets that customers submit, and finding the best way to resolve those tickets as rapidly and accurately as possible. We are committed to partnering with our customers, which includes listening and understanding your business as best we can, whether it’s a technical support request, business process consultation, or training to help you be more proficient in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

We’ve implemented new support ticketing software to help us stay organized and efficient to resolve requests as quickly as possible. We’ve also hired additional technical support consultants to help evenly distribute the volume of support tickets. When a ticket is received, it is reviewed by a member of our technical support team, then assigned to a technician. The technical support tickets we receive range in difficulty, and we categorize them into first level, second level, and third level tickets.

First level technical support tickets tend to be those that are application based.  A common first level support incident could be when a customer has recently upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, and they need help entering an A/P invoice. The customer could be having trouble correctly entering the invoice distributions, for example, if the distribution window is still accessible, but the buttons to accomplish the distribution allocation have moved. In this version of GP, you would need to click the “Go To” button on the menu bar, and select the distributions window to edit the transaction distributions. This frequently asked technical support question would be classified as a level one incident, which takes under one hour to resolve.

Second level technical support tickets tend to be a bit more involved. Typical technical support questions at this level include questions or help with workstation installations, help with modifying SSRS reports, or sometimes batches getting held up or duplicated in the processing window. When a batch is stuck in process, we may need to access the server to end the user’s session and free the batch. Once a batch had been freed, the customer would be asked to review the batch information for accuracy by using an edit list to identify any errors. Then we would ask the customer to repost the batch or if necessary, delete and reenter the batch. This type of technical support incident could take more than one hour to resolve.

Third level technical support tickets usually entail high levels of support and expertise. Sometimes these types of tickets are even escalated to Microsoft Support. An example of a third level technical support incident could be data corruption. There are steps that we follow to ensure information is gathered about the issue as quickly as possible, and if we find that the issue cannot be resolved by Tidestone Solutions, opening a Microsoft Incident may be the quickest route to resolution. Being a Microsoft partner allows us to expands our means to support you, and can help expedite the resolution process for highly difficult technical support incidents.

At Tidestone Solutions, we understand that getting your technical issues resolved as swiftly as possible, is key to your success. We strive to handle all support incidents as efficiently as possible. Contact a Tidestone Solutions technical support consultant for help with your software solution today at support@tidestonesolutions.com. We are here to support you every step of the way!

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