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Why Breweries Run QuickBooks

Why Breweries Run QuickBooks


Right now, the craft brewing industry is growing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep track of who and what is becoming most successful. Honestly, most establishments with capital and a location are somewhat successful in this industry. The best part for us as consumers? We get to inspire our taste buds with new and exciting brews, with sweet aromas and dominating flavors. So I say, keep inventing and keep brewing!

The start up breweries that have capital and talent, are growing into real businesses, and fast. All of a sudden they went from a garage or basement to a real facility with real tanks. First investment? A brewing system. Next?  All the other “not so fun” things that need to happen simultaneously. Need to invoice their new customers? They typically start with the basic tools, which includes Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) and an entry level accounting solution. QuickBooks is typically what they choose to start with in this area. Using QuickBooks in combination with MS Excel, can do everything they need to do and for cheap.

Eventually, these breweries are getting to a place where they are managing too much in Excel, such as Brew Logs, Recipes, and Inventory. The size and growth are requiring that they hire more overhead positions to maintain these manual processes. Most small to mid-sized breweries don’t even know what it actually costs them to brew any particular recipe. That’s a scary thought.

There are multiple mid-market sized solutions that can remedy some of these pain points with growth within these breweries. One solution in particular is to replace QuickBooks, with a completely industry specific, integrated solution. Microsoft Dyanamics GP integrates directly with VicinityBrew for a seamless solution. You can manage inventory, brew logs, recipes, TTB reporting with it feeding directly into your financials. Running QuickBooks and Excel won’t automate nearly enough for these breweries to continue their success. A solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP and VicinityBrew are a way for these guys to build, grow, and do what they do best…brew! Continuing to keep us consumers happy to keep trying something new in their tasting rooms.

Written By: Kelley Sintz | Business Development Director & Craft Beer Fanatic, Tidestone Solutions

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