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Your Guide to Microsoft Dynamics GP User Licenses

Your Guide to Microsoft Dynamics GP User Licenses

Microsoft Dynamics GP has gone through several pricing and licensing changes over the years, which can be confusing for those hoping to purchase Dynamics GP as a new software system, or for those who already own GP and need to add licenses.

Here we describe the types of licenses for Dynamics GP 2015, the standard list price for each, and how you would know if you need them.


The Starter Pack – $5,000 – Includes 3 Full User Licenses

Every installation of GP has the Starter Pack. It’s required and is considered the foundation of Dynamics GP. The Starter Pack is jam packed with functionality and often is the only License that a small company will ever need.

The Starter Pack has deep functionality:

  • Core Financials, Financial Reporting, and Excel-based Budgeting
  • Fixed Assets, Bank Reconciliation, Electronic Bank Rec, Intercompany (due to/from)
  • Accounts Payables and Receivables, and EFT for each
  • Distribution Suite including Sales Order Process, Purchase Order, Inventory, Bill of Materials
  • Payroll and HR (unlimited Employee count)
  • Comes with 3 Full Concurrent CAL’s (Client Access License) – see below


The Full Concurrent CAL (Client Access License) – $3,000 – Also known as a Full User License

A Full User License allows the user read and write capabilities throughout the GP software system.  This type of user requires more “write” capability in your organization, and the Full CAL provides direct and indirect access to any and all of the Dynamics GP system (as defined by your GP Security roles).

With a Full Concurrent CAL, you can have any number of user ID’s in GP, but you cannot have more users logged into GP at one time than the number of licenses purchased. You’ll know when you need to purchase a Full User License when someone in your organization wants to get into Dynamics GP but cannot, due to the lack of licenses.


Limited Concurrent CAL (Client Access License) – $600

A Limited Concurrent CAL provides a low cost option to accessing GP whereby your users have the ability to “read” any data through GP (as defined by your GP Security roles). Limited users can also “write” data in the self-serve areas of Dynamics GP, as defined in the Self-Serve User CAL description.

If you would like to share information with departments, managers, or anyone in your organization, but do not want them to be able to change data, a Limited CAL is a good fit. Moreover, if you want these users to be able to create Purchase Requisition or enter data in the Employee Self-Serve Application, they could do so with a Limited CAL.


Self-Serve User CAL (Client Access License) – $60

The Self-Serve User CAL, unlike the others, is a named user license, rather than concurrent. If you have employees who are Purchase Requesters only, the Self-Serve CAL is a way to initiate a PO/requisition.  Additionally, if you would like your employees to only have access to the Employee Self-Serve functionality in GP, this CAL would provide that functionality while keeping your costs down.


Call us today at 207-761-2133 to learn more about the different license types available for Microsoft Dynamics GP users!

Stay tuned for our next Microsoft Dynamics GP user license blog where we dive into the differences between the Starter Pack Functionality and the other add-ons that are available for Dynamics GP.

  • Customization Pack
  • Extended Pack
  • Extended HR and Payroll

We’ll also talk about how you know when you need more than just the Starter Pack…

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