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Management Reporter News Dynamics GP

News About Management Reporter for Dynamics GP

Have you heard the news about Management Reporter for Dynamics GP?

Over the past several weeks, there have been announcements and misinformation about Management Reporter. We’re here to help you understand the truth about the future of MR. Management Reporter is not retired or discontinued. Current versions of Management Reporter will continue to be supported by Microsoft. However, Management Reporter will no longer be developed or enhanced for new releases of Dynamics GP. Some limitations involved with the future of MR include:

  • MR is not fully cloud compatible
  • Any pains you might be experiencing with MR will not be corrected
  • MR will not have any future enhancements
  • MR will not gain any new functionality

Management Reporter has been a trusted tool for Financial Reporting for quite some time, and will continue to serve you in the same way for as long as you wish. But if you want new functionality and state of the art Financial Reporting tools, you may want to explore other ISV options.

Mark Polino said it best, Management Reporter is like a Ford Crown Victoria. The Crown Vic has always been a great car, but at one point you realized that the Crown Vic would not have flashy bells and whistles like push-to-start or USB ports or Bluetooth. Eventually Ford stopped manufacturing the Crown Vic. That doesn’t mean every Crown Vic on the road stopped running, it just meant that a new Crown Vic would never be produced.

For more information about the future of Management Reporter or other Financial Reporting options, contact Tidestone Solutions today! 207-761-2133 or info@tidestonesolutions.com.

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