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Power BI for Dynamics GP

What is Power BI? And how can I use it?

What is Power BI? And how can I use it?

Power BI is a collection of business intelligence services and applications that will turn your data into coherent, visual, and interactive insights. Power BI integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP to pull all of your important data into one, easy to read dashboard.

You can view your Power BI dashboards on your desktop, your tablet, and your mobile device. Power BI is compatible with GP Desktop services, and will soon be compatible with GP Web Client services with the release of Dynamics GP 2016 R2. One of the great benefits of Power BI, is that you can share your visual data and dashboards with other users in your organization. A typical flow of work in Power BI looks like this:

Creating Power BI visuals and dashboards is easy, and does not require technical knowledge or development skills. You can simply drag and drop your datasets to create reports and dashboards. You can also use ready-made content packs provided by Power BI. The building blocks of Power BI (and definitions of each) are listed below:

Visualization or Visual: a visual representation of your important data, such as a chart or graph or map that you can create to represent your numeric data visually; a way to provide context and insight into your data at a quick glance, without having to decipher raw numbers or text in a table

Datasets: a collection of data that Power Bi uses to create visuals; might be a combination of data imported from many different sources that can be filtered and combined using data connectors (included with your Power BI subscription) to create a report

Reports: a collection of visuals that appear together on one or more pages; visuals that are related to one another in some way

Dashboards: one location that displays a selected group of reports and visuals; usually fits on one single page of data often referred to as a “canvas”

Tiles: a single visual found in a report or dashboard

Content Pack: a collection of ready-made visuals and reports based on specific data sources

Questions: you can ask questions of your data to create visual answers in real-time


If your organization could benefit from Power BI and you're interested in Power BI training or demonstration, contact Tidestone Solutions today! info@tidestonesolutions.com or 207-761-2133.

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