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Microsoft Power BI for Dynamics GP

What is Power BI?

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 in May came several new features. Users have wanted the ability to report on their data with visuals for quite some time now, and that is exactly what Power BI has brought to Dynamics GP. Power BI is an analytics tool that helps you to analyze your data easily and effectively, and see the financial condition of your business in user-friendly dashboards.

With Power BI, you can create interactive reports that can be shared with your team of decision makers that need access to the information quickly and seamlessly. Power BI allows you to see all of your data in one convenient place. You can create dashboards that report on your sales by item, by amount, and/or by region. You can also create dashboards that look at your cash flow, revenue, and profit and loss. You can quickly see if your product is selling well in an area of the country or the world, and where other products might not be performing as well, which allows you to analyze your sales trends at a quick glance.


This image is an example of a Power BI dashboard, which shows Sales by Customer, Profit by Customer, Qty Sold by Brand, and Sales by Region.


Power BI enables you to create reports using Excel by uploading your Power BI data. You can also connect directly to your SQL database for visuals that are dynamically refreshed to ensure you are always looking at your most current data.

To connect your Dynamics GP data to Power BI, you'll need to create a Power BI account. Power BI is a tool that is included with an Office 365 subscription. After you've setup your Power BI account, and have setup your data site to include a report or dashboard, you can integrate Power BI with your Dynamics GP solution. For more information about Power BI setup, visit the Dynamics Community Blog.


This image is an example of how your Power BI dashboard reports will look on your Dynamics GP homepage.


Once you've successfully connected your Power BI dashboards to Dynamics GP, you can add the dashboard reports to your Dynamics GP homepage. For more information about Power BI, or for help adding your Power BI dashboard reports to your Dynamics GP homepage, contact Tidestone Solutions today! 207-761-2133 or info@tidestonesolutions.com

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