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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2

What to Expect in the Next Release of Dynamics GP

Microsoft continues to improve the already great Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. As a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1995, our goal is to keep our customers current and up to date with the latest features available with their software solution. Read on to learn about some of the great new tools that will be released with the next version of Dynamics GP!

  1. GL Distribution Line: you will be able to expand or un-expand your GL distributions, and whichever way you viewed last is how the window will open in the future
  2. SmartList Favorites Password: you will be able to password protect your SmartList favorites
  3. SmartList Advanced Lookup: you will be able to find your SmartList favorites in an advanced lookup window
  4. Display Tax Percentages for Historical Transactions: you will be able to view tax percentages for historical transactions, as well as current transactions
  5. PO Cancellation: you will now be able to cancel a PO if it’s linked to a requisition, there will be a warning notification to tell you that the PO is linked to a requisition and that the requisition cannot be fulfilled if the PO is cancelled, you can click OK and the link will not be broken
  6. Check Names: you will be able to view check names in the Vendor Maintenance Window
  7. Fixed Asset Link: the fixed asset link will now include tax amounts on capital investments
  8. Asset ID Suffix: your asset ID suffixes will now be saved to your preset the suffix format
  9. Credit Limit Warning: you will now be able to have a credit limit calculated for unposted credit documents
  10. Print W-2’s with Boxes: you will be able to create a W-2 report in employee self-service with lines and boxes, so that the W-2 is printable right from GP without having to order additional forms (Payroll > Routines > Print W-2’s)


We expect Dynamics GP 2016 R2 to be released in early December, so if you’re interested in upgrading and taking advantage of some of these features, contact Tidestone Solutions today! info@tidestonesolutions.com or 207-761-2133.

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