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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 New

What’s New in GP 2016 – Blog Series – All-in-One Functionality

We are all very excited about the release of Dynamics GP 2016! Microsoft consistently strives to invest in and improve upon an already great solution. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we want to share some of the great enhancements included with GP 2016, so that you can take advantage of the benefits for your business!

For example, Microsoft developers have expanded on the ‘All-in-One Functionality’ to now include Sales and Inventory! When you access the All-in-One window, you can view all of the relevant documents in one window. This can speed up research immensely! Consider tracking down what sales invoices were paid on a cash receipt. Simply mark the cash receipt and GP filters the data to show only the orders and invoices related to that payment. Use the expansion arrows in each cell to show more or less detail for the document as shown in the Invoices column below:

If you think this is cool, stay tuned to our blog for more GP 2016 features!

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