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ERP for Craft Brewery Brewing Dynamics GP

Why Breweries Use Microsoft Dynamics GP


Why Breweries Use Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps breweries streamline their back office accounting processes in a number of ways. From real-time visibility of inventory data, to centralized recipe manufacturing and streamlined production scheduling, Dynamics GP will help your brewery cut costs and maximize profits. Hear why some of our craft brewing customers swear by their Dynamics GP solution:

Victory Brewing Company came to Tidestone Solutions with a need for flexible reporting and purchase order creation, full integration between their inventory, production planning, and shipping scheduling, and a system that would simplify their data entry across multiple breweries and brew pubs. Our Tidestone consultants customized Victory’s chart of accounts set up to be based on division, department, and location, enabling them to consolidate their P&L Reports or separate their P&L Reports departmentally. We also moved their on premise solution to YourCloud, hosted by Tidestone Solutions, which allow Victory to access their data anywhere, anytime. Victory is now able to automate their scheduling tasks and logistics, forecast their raw materials needs and sales based on real-time inventory demand, and have full visibility into their specific lines of business.

Allagash Brewing Company wanted to make their costing more efficient so that they could clearly identify the value of their beer, as well as how much it was costing to operate from raw materials to finished goods. They were making it work with Dynamics GP’s bill of materials, but these calculations were done after the beer had been shipped, which allowed no visibility until after the brewing process was complete. Tidestone Solutions customized an inventory system, creating lots and bins for traceability, so that Allagash could track their inventory at the granular level that they needed. Tidestone consultants also helped Allagash create a number of SmartLists in Dynamics GP that eliminated the number of hours and manual effort spent combing through their data. Now that Allagash has an integrated and centralized system for reporting and tracking, they can spend less time calculating and more time brewing!

If your brewery could benefit from cutting costs and maximizing profits with Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact Patrick Murray today!pmurray@tidestonesolutions.com | 207-956-6635


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