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Craft Brewers Conference 2017 Highlights

Craft Brewers Conference 2017 Highlights

Craft Brewers Conference 2017 Highlights

If you were in Washington, D.C. for the 2017 Craft Brewers Conference, you probably drank some of the best craft beer you’ve ever had, attended some insightful sessions, and learned from some of the most renowned craft brewers in the world.

Some of the CBC 2017 highlights include:

  1. The Keynotes. Dick Cantwell’s industry experience, QA insight, and infectious passion for the craft beer industry has become one of the greatest highlights of the Craft Brewers Conference. There are few brewers who know more than this guy when it comes to brewing high-quality beer. Named the Quality Ambassador of the Brewers Association in 2015, Dick Cantwell has made great strides in conveying the importance of product evaluation and quality. Read his book, The Brewers Association’s Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery. Or watch his exclusive interview.

  2. The Awards. Three members of the craft beer community were recognized for their excellence. Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing Company were awarded the Brewers Association Recognition Award. Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company was awarded the Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation in Brewing. Matthew McLaughlin of the Mississippi Brewers Guild was awarded the FX Matt Defense of the Industry Award. Recognizing the industry’s leaders helps to create a healthy competition among brewers, while keeping the tight knit bond that craft breweries have today.

  3. The Exhibitors. The number of exhibitors, sponsors, and brewing affiliates at the Craft Brewers Conference has grown to a whopping 13,000. These key contributors help to make CBC a premier knowledge sharing event full of brewing industry resources. Equipment, technology, distribution, marketing, and all other vendors in attendance will help you take your brewery to the next level. View the 15 Companies You Should Know from CBC 2017.

As stated by Bart Watson during the CBC 2017 State of the Industry Address, the industry has reached 25 million barrels brewed per year, and the industry has been growing at 18% per year. As the industry becomes more and more competitive, you need the tools to help you sustain growth and beat your competition.

Call Tidestone Solutions today to learn about the brewery ERP solutions we provide: info@tidestonesolutions.com or 207-761-2133.

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