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Dynamics GP Quality

Microsoft Dynamics GP Quality Issue #90957

Earlier this year, Quality Issue #90957 for Dynamics GP version 2016 R2 was discovered. We found that a code fix was updating the CO00102 table after a payables document had been posted. Per Microsoft, this event is a Quality Issue and malfunction of the software, because payables documents should not move to history until the documents are fully applied.

Tidestone Solutions has a workaround to fix this issue using the “Record Level Notes” function to attach to payables documents, allowing the documents to be viewed from Work, Open, and History. Instead of clicking on the “Attach” icon at the top of the Transaction Entry Window, you’ll need to attach your documents using the “Record Level Note” icon instead.

When you attach your documents using the “Record Level Note” function, Dynamics GP stores a record in the SY03900 table and the CO00101 table. The CO00102 table will be updated with a “Unique Record Number” instead of the voucher number associated with the payables document. Dynamics GP does not care if the document is in Work, Open, or History, and this allows the user to view the document in any of the three statuses.

For more information about Quality Issues that have been identified for Microsoft Dynamics GP, please contact Tidestone Solutions today at info@tidestonesolutions.com or 207-956-6635.

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