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Collections Management Features by Professional Advantage

New Release of Collections Management by Professional Advantage

New Release of Collections Management by Professional Advantage


For Dynamics GP 2015 and Dynamics GP 2016 users, Professional Advantage will be releasing new features for Collections Management. The new release will be available next month.

The new feature additions include:

  1. The ability to use an RTF file as the email body when using a Word letter. The will allow you to use Microsoft Word with your own logo, design, and email signatures when sending messages to your customers.

  2. You can now define Unposted Sales and Unposted Order amounts using a SQL query. This new feature offers complete integration between your third-party products and Microsoft Dynamics GP, eliminating addition tracking of unposted figures.

  3. DSO calculations by customer. You can now calculate your average sales per day or average days outstanding for specific customers, giving you sales and payment insight.

  4. The ability to define how DSO is calculated. This allows you to define a custom set of criteria for your DSO calculations.

  5. The addition of “Select All” or “Select None” buttons on Collections Installation. This allows you to mark or unmark companies to ensure faster upgrades. By marking “Select All”, you’ll be able to update all of your companies simultaneously.

  6. Add company database names to the progress dialog when updating companies. This will allow you to quickly track the progress of your upgrade by knowing which companies have been updated.

  7. Zoom to the detailed information on the “Last Payment on the Calculations” windows. This allows you to drill down on payment amounts by customer to see detailed information and invoice details for each payment.

  8. Save the setting on your display field on “Collection Main” by user. This allows each user to save their previous display settings and preferences, so that you can use Collections Main your way.


There are several other new feature additions listed on Professional Advantage’s blog page. You can view the full blog article here. We chose some of our favorite features, and hope that you love these product enhancements.

To learn more about Collections Management by Professional Advantage, contact Tidestone Solutions today: info@tidestonesolutions.com or 207-761-2133.

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