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Ignore those Rumors! Microsoft Dynamics GP Is Forever Young

Ignore those Rumors! Microsoft Dynamics GP Is Forever Young

Yes! It’s a popular song title. But can you name the artist? If you say, Bob Dylan, you’re right. He recorded it in California in November 1973 and the song first appeared (in two different versions, one slow and one fast) on Dylan's fourteenth studio album, Planet Waves, in 1974. And true to its name, the song stayed “forever you” as for many years afterward it was covered by more than a score of popular singers, including Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Norah Jones, Diana Ross, Grateful Dead, Pete Seeger, and Peter, Paul, and Mary. The most recent cover was recorded in 2017.

What’s my point? Well, there are popular songs that seem to outlive their originators and then there are popular software solutions that follow a similar path. Like Great Plains Software. Originally an immensely popular accounting software package, Great Plains found new life as a highly successful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system under its Microsoft incarnation – Microsoft Dynamics GP.

There may be a lot of rumors out there about the demise of Dynamics GP, especially in the wake of the release of Dynamics 365. But those are just rumors, because not only is GP is alive and well, there are still many who sing its praises.

Why has Microsoft Dynamics GP enjoyed such a long life? And why does it deserve such praise?

Horizontal vs. Vertical

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a horizontal solution that plays well in numerous verticals, without the limitations of vertical software products. You can find GP loyalists in wholesale distribution, manufacturing, financial services, professional services, retail, healthcare, medical device, nonprofits, transportation, construction, field service, … and our favorite – craft breweries.

Flexible and Configurable

One reason why GP is so popular is its flexibility. Dynamics GP integrates with scores of third-party add-on applications that provide the features and functionality behind GP’s relevance in so many different industries. In other words, Microsoft Dynamics GP is highly configurable. Take our craft brewing solution, for example. It’s the perfect marriage of Microsoft Dynamics GP and VicinityBrew.

On-Premise or Cloud

Dynamics GP can be deployed as an on-premise or cloud hosted solution. While the trend is toward digital transformation and many mid-market companies are moving to the cloud, many still prefer the tried and true on-premise option. The important point is that you can choose the deployment that’s right for your company. Click for more information about Tidestone’s YourCloud for hosted GP.

Forever Young

Last but not least, Microsoft Dynamics GP, has longevity on its side. While the name has changed, and the product has certainly matured since it was launched in 1993. So it’s not quite as old as the song by Bob Dylan, but it was one of the first accounting packages in the USA that was designed and written to be multi-user and to run under Windows as 32-bit software. An illustrious history indeed.

“May your heart always be joyful
And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young”

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