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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP for 20+ Years: Why that Should Be Important to You

Experience is where the rubber meets the road. And when it comes to implementing business management software like Microsoft Dynamics GP, the more experience the better. Without experience, software implementations become nothing more than trial and error experiments.

That’s why choosing a team with 20+ years of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP should be important to you. After all, Dynamics GP is the software that runs your business.

Since it’s virtually impossible to establish real depth and breadth of experience in every industry sector on the planet, Tidestone Solutions has carefully chosen just handful of industries in which to specialize, namely:

  • Breweries
  • Higher Education
  • Inventory
  • Non-Profits
  • Professional Services
  • Specialty Construction

Let’s take a look at what just a couple of Tidestone’s clients have said about working with us. Behind each testimonial lies the critical value of deep and long experience.

“Tidestone has been a great partner in helping Victory to utilize Great Plains more effectively. Prior to Tidestone, Victory had little support to use GP to its greatest potential. Since we have started working with Tidestone, we have implemented Vicinity Brew, and started many processes that are allowing us better visibility into the financial condition of our business. We are glad that we made the switch to work with Tidestone.”

Jennifer Corrigan, Victory Brewing Company

“We have been doing business with Tidestone Solutions for many years and are very pleased with their services. The entire group is just “there” whenever you need them. I have called needing help with day-today problems, and they will do what–ever it takes to resolve the problem immediately. We have just completed an upgrade from GP Version 10 to GP2013, and Tidestone Solutions was available to support us through-out the entire process. It is a very nice feeling when you know that if something comes up and you need support you can rely on Tidestone Solutions to provide the best workable solutions for your organization, whether it is to resolve a quick day-to-day problem or provide a business process solution so that you can better manage your business.”

Audrey Martin, Catholic Charities

The key words and phrases in the above testimonials are:

  • better visibility
  • there whenever you need them
  • whatever it takes
  • support throughout
  • better manage your business

Who could ask for anything more?

For a partner with 20+ years of Microsoft Dynamics GP experience, visit Tidestone Solutions at www.tidestonesolutions.com, email us at info@tidestonesolutions.com, or just pick up the phone and call Tidestone at 207.761.2133. 

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