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Microsoft Dynamics GP: Getting So Much Better All the Time

Microsoft Dynamics GP: Getting So Much Better All the Time

When I got my first look at the newest release of Microsoft Dynamics GP, all I could think about was Paul McCartney singing “I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, getting better all the time.” In the case of Dynamics 2018, the “it” in “it’s getting better” could refer to enhancements to the platform, workflow, or financials. But overall, “it” is really all about the user experience, which has been enhanced to make finding the information you use to make business decisions faster and easier.

Digging deeper into the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 new features, I realized that I could put a check mark next to each one as I thought about how Tidestone Solutions’ GP clients were going to enjoy the increased functionality. Our brewery clients, or our nonprofits, distributors, construction companies, professional services organizations. In whatever their industry, GP 2018 will be better for their business.

Let’s take a look at the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 enhancements:

Better Platform and System-wide Features

  • Login remembered when working in System Manager
  • Comprehensive document attachment

Better Workflow

  • Reminder Emails
  • Copy workflow step
  • Additional fields for Payables transaction workflow
  • Additional messages for purchase order workflow
  • Bank used for EFT added to vendor approval workflow
  • New workflows for new accounts, receiving transactions and purchasing invoices

Better Financials

  • Print a single statement from Customer Maintenance
  • One payment per invoice set or one payment per vendor
  • Save select payment settings
  • Copy user access across dimensions in Analytical Accounting
  • Payables checks windows renamed to reflect alternate payment options

Better Distribution and Supply Chain

  • Purchase order generation list opens with newest POs
  • PO information displayed for requisition originator
  • Print purchase requisition
  • Display “hold” status in sales transaction entry

Better User Experience

  • Additional sorting options
  • Unique passwords can be entered for individual SmartList favorites
  • Shortcut to SmartList added to Web client
  • Auto-complete included in Web client
  • One-click navigation to SmartList from Web client

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