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Microsoft’s New Dynamics 365 Has Entered the Craft Beer Market

Microsoft’s New Dynamics 365 Has Entered the Craft Beer Market

Old News: The craft beer market is exploding.
New News: Microsoft Dynamics 365 has entered the craft beer market.

At this point you’re probably asking: What does it mean for you as a brewer?
And the answer is … Even more functionality!

For decades, Tidestone Solutions has been implementing software systems for breweries. The solution, based on the integration of Vicinity Brew with Microsoft Dynamics GP, has served our brewery clients well, enabling them to meet fluctuating demands of customer requirements for quality, delivery, and price. The functionality Tidestone provides includes: centralized recipe management, quality control, lot traceability and recall, TTB reporting, inventory control, production planning, and scheduling.

In January of this year, Tidestone launched a Microsoft Dynamics 365 practice. You can read all about it here: Ready, Get Set, Go! Tidestone Solutions Launches Microsoft Dynamics 365 Practice. Now, we can extend the full range of cloud functionality available in Dynamics 365 to our brewery clients, too.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to connect their back office and ERP software with other intelligent applications. Dynamics 365 will improve your business operations, drive intelligent decisions, and create efficiencies.

In addition to Financials and Operations, Dynamics 365 also includes:

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights

As the craft brewing industry continues to grow, it’s important to have intelligent, world-class software to help manage your growth. We understand that you need:

  • Real-time insight into your processes, from raw materials to finished packaging
  • Planning and scheduling based on actual demand
  • Quality controls and regulatory compliance
  • The ability to make critical financial and production decisions with reliable data

Let us help you automate your production system and simplify your financial processes by graduating to an integrated solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Vicinity Brew. 

To get started, visit Tidestone Solutions at www.tidestonesolutions.com, email us at info@tidestonesolutions.com, or just pick up the phone and call Tidestone at 207.761.2133.

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