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Software Solutions for Craft Brewers: The Heart and Soul of the Tidestone Solutions Team

Software Solutions for Craft Brewers: The Heart and Soul of the Tidestone Solutions Team

A recent count reveals that there are 20 craft breweries in the city of Portland, Maine alone. And scores more throughout the state that we at Tidestone call home. It’s no wonder, then, that craft beer is at the heart and soul of the Tidestone Solutions team.

But we don’t just drink craft beer. We provide a top-flight business management software solution for craft breweries. And not just in Maine, but nationwide.

The Maine Ingredient

A good craft brew has four main ingredients. Malt. Hops. Yeast. Water. Ask any Maine brewer what makes Maine’s beer exceptional, and their answer will be water. Many of them will give you an even more specific answer: Sebago Lake. Located just northwest of Portland, over 300 feet deep and with a glacial sand bottom that acts like a natural filter, Sebago’s pristine water is widely viewed as some of the finest brewing water in the world.

The main ingredient in, the core of a great business management solution for craft breweries is its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Our brewery-specific ERP solution automates your brewing operations and financial processes to help you cut costs and increase efficiencies.

CBC 2018 | Nashville, TN | April 30 – May 3

We wouldn’t miss it for the world and we hope you’ll be there, too. Visit Tidestone at booth #2624

Top Flight Brewery Software

Tidestone’s top flight software system for breweries is one integrated solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP and VicinityBrew. It allows you to do what spreadsheets and QuickBooks can’t do:

  • Provide real-time insight into your operation, from raw materials to finished packaging
  • Plan and schedule based on actual demand
  • Get it right the first time with robust Quality Controls and Compliance functionality
  • Access reliable, real-time data for making critical financial and production decisions
  • Automate your production system
  • Simplify your financial processes

Keeping data in spreadsheets leaves way too much room for manual, human error. QuickBooks may have been a decent choice when you first launched your operation. But you’re bigger now. Your business is more complex. And QuickBooks just isn’t cutting it anymore.

As the craft brewing industry continues to grow, your brewery needs to have intelligent, world-class software to help manage your growth. Instead of wasting your time fixing error-prone spreadsheets or adding BandAids to QuickBooks, you need a solution that will allow you to focus on what you do best… brewing great craft beer!

Let the Tidestone team put our experience to work for you. Let us help you graduate from your entry-level, back office solution to one that will actually promote your growth and success:

Microsoft Dynamics GP and VicinityBrew

For a solution provider with craft beer at its heart and soul, visit Tidestone Solutions at www.tidestonesolutions.com, email us at info@tidestonesolutions.com, or just pick up the phone and call Tidestone at 207.761.2133.

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