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Top 5 Ways Business Process Change Benefits Your Organization.png

Top 5 Ways Business Process Change Benefits Your Organization

Make this your mantra: Change is good.

No, we’re not talking about change for the sake of change. Yes, we are talking about a change that yields tangible, measurable benefits. The kind of change that streamlines your financial and operational tasks into efficient business processes that result in giving you a competitive edge. And in today’s hyper-competitive business environment, we all need that edge.

Here is a typical scenario.

When you originally implemented your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, all (or at least most) of your business processes were optimized. But over time, your business evolved. Perhaps it grew. Perhaps you expanded into new markets. Perhaps the competitive landscape changed. However, your processes and your ERP software didn’t catch up. So you implemented workarounds, some of which were simple, some of which were complex and frankly kludgy.

Now you’re discovering that these workarounds are slowing your systems down. That’s how you know that it’s time for a thorough business process review. Time for a change. The goal is to move from kludgy to optimized, as illustrated in this image:

Here are 10 improvements you can expect from a properly executed business process change:

  • Elimination of  bottlenecks, redundancies, and workarounds
  • New levels of automation to reduce reworks and errors
  • Modifications to best practices in order to stay abreast of changing conditions in the market
  • Redefinition and/or reassignment of tasks
  • Reallocation of resources
  • Altered or customized workflows
  • Processes that are integrated, optimized, and more responsive
  • Reduced waste
  • Documentation of procedures
  • Identification and tracking of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

And finally, based on the anticipated improvements listed above, here are:

The Top 5 Benefits of Business Process Change

  1. Higher Efficiency, Productivity, and Performance
  2. Enhanced Transparency
  3. Reduced Costs and Increased Revenues
  4. Improved Business Agility
  5. Greater Opportunities for Innovation

Remember your mantra. Change is good. It can even be great. The team of business process experts at Tidestone Solutions is standing by to bring the benefits of business process change to your company.

Contact us today by emailing us at info@tidestonesolutions.com, or just pick up the phone and call Tidestone at 207.761.2133.

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