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Case Study: How One Company Moved their Dynamics GP to the Cloud and Loved It!

Case Study: How One Company Moved their Dynamics GP to the Cloud and Loved It!

What’s not to love about Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud? It’s a win-win solution that lets companies who love their GP software, want to keep it, but no longer want to run it on-premise. That was the case for a Tidestone Solutions client in the senior living sector.

It’s important to understand why they made the move from on-premise to the cloud, and how easy the transition was.

Why They Decided to Move

It’s a familiar story. The company’s needs had simply exceeded their current infrastructure capacity. Instead of investing in more infrastructure and the necessary IT support and monitoring costs that go along with purchasing an additional server, they decided to move their on-premise Microsoft Dynamics GP solution to the Tidestone Solutions cloud hosting solution called YourCloud.

How They Transitioned from On-Premise to Tidestone’s YourCloud

After learning about the client’s infrastructure needs, the Tidestone Solutions technical development team customized a cloud environment for this client’s Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. Tidestone required minimal consulting time throughout the process to move the infrastructure off-premise, and to work with the client through their software upgrade process.

What Is YourCloud

YourCloud allows users to access Microsoft Dynamics GP anywhere and anytime, allows IT personnel to focus on higher demand technical support issues and improve their professional flexibility, improve data redundancy and security (HIPAA, SOC1, SOC2, ISO 27001/27002 compliant), and more.

How Did It Work Out

Once they moved their on-premise solution to the YourCloud off-premise hosting solution, the company noticed many advantages beyond their massive savings in infrastructure costs. Having access to GP anywhere, at any time, offering them the flexibility to work from any location that had a reliable internet connection.

What Did They Gain

This flexibility was particularly important to the company’s accounting staff who led busy lives inside and outside of the office. Routine data backups and data redundancy were also key benefits. Plus, they were quite pleased with the “free upgrade” feature that Tidestone Solutions offers with every YourCloud contract.

“Thanks for all your help and counsel helping us make this business decision!”
Finance Director

Where Can You Learn More about YourCloud

To learn more about how you can improve your business processes by moving from on-premise Microsoft Dynamics GP to GP in the Tidestone YourCloud, email us at info@tidestonesolutions.com or call us at 207-956-6635.

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